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 2021 Status as of: 6-Feb-2021

Hopefully 2021 is more promising - No Guarantees 

We expect to continue using our COVID-19 Pandemic Protocol at least until the end of June or the rest of the summer. For right now our league will start on  Monday May 3rd & end on Monday September 27th, hopefully for a total of 40 games.  

While there will be a continue risk of contracting COVID-19 and hopefully most of us can be vaccinated. We believe softball being a outdoor sport and we follow COVID-19 protocols, that Senior Softball can be safe as possible  

Please check out everything on our website and our league is looking forward to  seeing everyone out on the softball field - spread the word, all are welcome!

Randy Kahl
RMSS Coordinator
2020 Season Status as of:  Early July 2020

For 2020 all players must have signed a registration form documenting they have read and will follow the RMSS COVID-19 guidelines as documented here before participating in any RMSS practice or game.  The COVID-19 guidelines are also available under the More tab. 

The first RMSS practice will be Wed. July 8th & continue on Monday July 13th & Wed. July 15th, starting at 8:30 AM.  You will be able to register at one of the practices.

The deadline for registrations is 11am on Wed July 15

We will determine the number of teams based on player registrations.  On Wed. July 15th we will have a draft (players & teams) after practice. League games will then start on the following Monday, July 20.  We plan to have 2 sessions this season.  

We need a volunteer for an Assistant (Field) Coordinator.  This person is responsible for field/equipment set up and take down and other  game day field activities, such as pool player assignments

Practicing before game time is your option, just be ready to play 15 minutes before the game starts. Batting practice, limit 10 balls per batter, sanitize balls etc. Game time, on deck player picks up batted players bat by barrell & returns it to the batting rack. If the pitcher or anyone else decides to move the pitching screen, they need to sanitize the area touched. Please look over the COVID-19 plan again, before playing! 

We will have a player league meeting before the first official game starts.  All board members & myself will be out front to go over details.

If we end up with only 3 teams due to numbers, the board has approved a option for playing similar to one used at Dome Ball.

Play 3 games per day (each team plays 2 games)
Games at 9,10,and 11
No new inning after 50 minutes
Play 2 innings, 2 innings, then 1 thereafter (flip flop-team on defense would stay out for 2 innings)
All games on Field 3- batting practice for 1 team on Field 3, 1 team on Field 4, for the 9am game.  The team with their 1st game at 10am can use Field 4 for warm up/batting practice.  The team not playing at 11am can use Field 4 for warm up/batting practice.  

Thanks for being patient during this ongoing pandemic.

Randy Kahl
RMSS Coordinator
April 8, 2020

Fellow ballplayers/friends, we are in a very difficult time in our life.  Praying that everyone is safe & well and trying to stay home.
We had a very short softball board meeting on Facebook Messenger on 4/8/20 and went over a few things, considering the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 2020 softball season is on hold right now, and only time will tell when we get to play again. The very earliest it would be,
is June 1st and that probably could change to July, etc., depends on when the State & Park & Rec opens it up. We are still
accepting early registrations, we have 18 submitted. The early signup for $40. it's extended from April to May 18th, that could
change also.  We will know more in the coming weeks and once we have updates, I will send them out to you and they will be posted here on the web site.  Even if we haveonly half a season or so, the $40. is a great price, we still have to pay Park & Rec when we play. I just pray & hope everything gets back to normal for our country.

Take care & be safe

 Randy Kahl
 RMSS  Coordinator

June 17, 2019

Session 1 was filled with rainouts, we ended up with 3 canceled games, all on Wednesdays.  Our planned 9 game session ended up being a 6 game session.  Shorewood won the session, going undefeated at 6-0.  Congratulations to the Shorewood team!  Shorewood beat Black's Auto in the Championship game 18-11.  Both of Black's losses were to the powerhouse Shorewood team.  Session 1 was a 6 team session.     

RMSS provided hot dogs and condiments for the session ending picnic on June 5, following the completion of the position games. RMSS players brought dishes to share.  As always we had plenty of food, fun, fitness and fellowship.   

We are now 2 games into Session 2 (with another Wed rainout last week).  Charlie's Eatery & Pub has replaced Chiropractic First as a team sponsor.   

May 3, 2019

The Session 1 draft was held on Wed, 5/1.  The rosters were sent in an email and the web site is now updated.   We have 6 teams for S1 and hope to go to 8 teams for S2.  The schedules have been posted to the web site.  Our last practice is planned for Friday and our S1 games are scheduled to start on Monday May 6.  

Only paid players or our 80+ year old free members who filled out a registration form were drafted.  You can be a drop in player and pay $3 a game.  If you decide to join in the middle of a session you will be a pool player until the next session when you will get drafted and assigned to a permanent team.  Players who join mid-season will pay a pro-rated fee.  

Let's hope for drier and warmer weather next week so we can get out and play some softball! 

Late news - Chiropractic First has not renewed their team sponsorship.  We are working with Charlie's Eatery and Pub to move from a league sponsor to a team sponsor.  For Session 1 we will the schedule, rosters and standings with Chiropractic First until we have a definite replacement sponsor. 

May 31, 2018 

Friday Practice and RMSS Golf News 

As mentioned previously, Joe Koerner has stepped up to run the Friday practices.  First practice will be tomorrow, starting at 9;30 am.  These are usually a round of batting practice followed by a scrimmage of some sort depending on the number of attendees.  If not enough for a scrimmage maybe another round of batting practice.  It's up to Joe and those who are there. Let Joe know if you are interested in attending the Friday practices, even if you can't make this one.  

Joe Koerner
[email protected]

Phil Castrovinci has also taken over as the RMSS golf coordinator.  Here is info from Phil on golf: 

The first Golf Outing of the year will be on Tuesday June 5,2018 at Piper Hills in Plainview. Please be there by 9:30am to begin our team selection process.

The expectation is to have outings every other Tuesday during the season.  I would appreciate any suggestions during the year. Please feel free to call me.  My phone number is listed below.

Phil Castrovinci

September 22, 2017


To:  All RMSS Members


I hate that our 2017 Season is ending. Thank all of you who came out and played more or out of position.  You did it.  To make this work better…  ***WE NEED MORE PLAYERS***  Bring a friend or two.


As you know…Softball is year round.  We will have practice every Monday & Wednesday at about 9am…weather permitting.  Dome season starts in late November.


PLEASE READ THIS.  You may get something from it.


First of all…you have to check out our new website that Mike Ewen has been perfecting all year.   


Mike has added several pages with pictures, golf and dome ball…to mention a bit of the great information Mike puts on there.  GREAT JOB MIKE!!!!  Several people contributed photos…Mike, Dave Anderson, Bob Hake, Peg Selnes. 


We have our season ending Picnic on Wednesday  9/27/17 following the games.  Please bring a dish to pass and a variety of items will be provided.  Brats, burgers, dogs, chips, water and soda.  It is very hard to plan the amount of food to buy for these picnics. IT SURELY DOES NOT HELP WHEN PEOPLE TAKE ALL THE FOOD BEFORE THE OTHERS HAVE A CHANCE.  Please be considerate of others.


Players who want to…may compete in a few competitions before the picnic. Ages and other restrictions considering…Home Runs, Pitch in the bucket, running around the bases, throwing to a target.  Pitch in and split the pot accordingly.


We will be supporting two causes at this picnic.  Channel One and TreeHouse. We will have representatives there to share their missions.  Donations will be accepted for them if you would like. 


There was no need for elections this year.  Just enough stepped up to fill each board position.  The Board will be introduced at the picnic.


As with anytime you try to operate a group like ours…lots of work goes on behind the scenes.  Bob Hewitt putting the chalk lines on the fields, for example.


We need more of you to help us continue.  Stick around after the games for just a few minutes to talk to others of us to see how you can help.


See you soon,  Thanks for reading, Bill VW


Many THANKS to the twelve teams that participated in the Sixth Annual Rochester Classic Senior Softball Tournament on 9/5/17! 
With beautiful weather (except for the non stop wind) and fun teams, the day went very well with the proper balance of competition, sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and encouragement. I know Steve Simmons was continuing to watch over us and enjoyed seeing his many friends play softball.....
We had six teams in the following two divisions with the final team records indicated: 
Flying Squirrels - West Metro          2-1-1                
Renegades                                       2-2                    
Lumberjacks                                     2-2  
Rubber Duckies - West Metro           2-2
CIS - Iowa                                        1-1-2
Cool Air - St Paul                             1-2-1
As the scores reflect, the teams were very competitive with many very close games and two ties at 25-25 and 27-27. The five runs I spotted four teams by the Cool Air and Renegades teams definitely came into play and caused some considerable discussion. I used my best judgment on the team strength without rosters or player/team ratings but will probably not do that again. Since it's a 'recreation' tournament, all teams will play even up. This may well result in commentary from teams recently moved into the Competitive Division and I welcome your feedback for our planned January and March, 2018 Dome Tournaments.

With the wind blowing out on Field 3, we witnessed several of the longest HR's ever hit in this tournament especially by the mighty Mike Wech and other bombers!!! How a batter can hit a ball over the very tall tree in right center is way beyond me with a strong wind or not! Balls were hit to the sand volleyball courts with a few bounces just missing vehicles...

The Renegades faced the Flying Squirrels in the Championship Game since the Gades beat both the Lumberjacks and Rubber Duckies in head to head competition. The Final Score was 21-18 in favor of the Champion Squirrels in a hard fought battle!   
Rochester Relics                              4-0
Rochester Rebels                             3-1
Wing Nutz - West Metro                    2-2                                         
Border Boys - Wisconsin                 1-2-1                                     
Golden Eagles - Faribault                1-3
Lug Nutz - West Metro                     0-3-1

It was great to see teams from Wisconsin (primarily from the Ellsworth area) and Faribault participate and hold their own in a majority of their games - excellent experience for these two teams and hopefully they will be back in 2018! The Rebels and Relics were undefeated going into the Championship Game won by the Relics 18-12! 
Next year I will include whether we incorporate the infield fly rule and calling a pitch a ball if the pitch strikes the back of the pitching screen while delivered. As most of you know, Rochester does not use these two rules while other organizations do and this causes confusion.

THANKS again for participating! And a very MAJOR thanks to Ben Boldt and his team from Rochester Park & Rec for the super field preparation and Brad Tiedeken and his team for the wonderful concessions!! I also want to thanks my helpers from RMSS especially Kerm Bitz, Bob Hewitt, and Dave Zemke!   
Good fortune to the teams from the Midwest participating in National Tournaments this Fall and we'll see you in dome tournaments starting in Nov or December. Rochester plans dome tournaments in Jan and March of 2018. Hopefully Holy Angels will have tournaments in December and February.
Thanks again!
Ben Borgen
Rochester Relics - Champions of the Recreational Division
Bottom Row - Mike Ewen (mgr), Bruce Borgschatz, Dave Anderson, Dave Zemke (mgr), Al Watts
Standing Row - Bob Conway, Warren Bandel, Casey Doe, Jeff Wells, Dan Richter, Bill Sutter, Bob Hubert
Rochester Rebels - 2nd Place in Recreation Division
Bill Beaupre, Kevin Herzog, Joe Jennison, Randy Kahl (mgr), Kevin Kann, Joe Koerner,
Tom Kowaleski, Rocky O'Dell, Dave Rice, Jim Roth, Dwight Ruff, Greg Schrek 
Denny Dodge was the manager of the Border Boys, with RMSSers, Gordie Borner and Bob Hewitt on his team.  Barry Shaffer was the manager of the Faribault Golden Eagles and RMSSer Bill Miller was his pitcher.
Rochester Renegades - 2nd Place Competitive Division
Front Row - Jim Chihak, Matt Halleck, Don Benike & Batboy Grandsons, Whitey Perlich, Joe Loos
Back Row - Duane Petersen, Tim Smyrk, Scott Hanson, Bret Baumbach, Bob Horstmann, John Bowron
Not pictured - Bill Gosse, Kevin Goodmanson, Bill VonWald (mgr) 


Rochester Minnesota Senior Softball players teamed up with fellow player. And 'green thumb' vegetable gardener Lois Douglas to deliver 1,485 pounds of her farm's fresh produce to Channel One Food shelf!

Thank you Duane for helping unload the full trailer, with Channel One Coordinator Barbara Schramm cheering us on!  

See 2017 Potato Dig under Photos for a glimpse of the activities. . 

After the dig, Lois treated all to a delicious lunch topped off with homemade yummy pumpkin pie!!!

Wow. What a treat!!

Next is our yearend picnic with hopes of batting $1000 for Channel One and Treehouse. Each Channel One $1 provides 4-5 meals giving help and hope for the hungry. 

Fun Fitness Fellowship shown by RMSS softball players. 

Thrivent Financial " Live Generously" helped support the cause via an action team. Thrivent Shirts, Thrivent Bags ( thx Diane),and treats were handed out. 

See you all at Sept 27 season end softball picnic.  


The Session 3 picnic scheduled for this Wed, 8/16 will be moved to after the Mon 8/21 games if we get rained out on 8/16.  RMSS will provide hot dogs, buns, condiments, sweet corn, pop and water.  Please plan to bring a dish to share.  Check your email early on Wed for the status of the games/picnic.

Potato Dig for Channel One at Lois Douglas' farm on Tue 8/22 starting at 9am.  Meet at the Historical Society at 8:40 if you want to car pool.  Lois' address is 1505 Co. Rd. 5 SW, Byron 55920.  She will provide a light lunch after the work is done but remember Lois is a farm girl and her definition of a light lunch is different than most of ours.  Wear work clothes, boots, gloves, etc.  Bring shovels or pitch forks if you can.  It's a little work and a lot of fun, fitness and fellowship - just like RMSS softball and it's for a great cause. 

Session 4 draft was held today at the Eagles following our games.  Rosters are posted.  Web site will get updated soon with a new 6 team schedule.  Due to a lot of players having no or limited availability in Session 4 the decision was made to go to 6 teams.  The rosters may look large but many players will be missing all or multiple games.  We do need more players and healthy players to go back to 8 teams.  Start recruiting now for next season. Bring a friend to a game. 

Golf outing tomorrow, Tue at Piper Hills, 9 am with tee off at 9:30.  

Contact Matt Halleck to run for an RMSS Board position.  


I have added 4 new photo albums totaling almost 200 pictures to the web site.  Thanks to our photographers, Peg Selnes, Bob Hake and myself for helping to capture our Fun Fitness and Fellowship aspects of RMSS.  Lot's of great action shots and some fun candid shots as well.  Go to the Photo tab under More to check the new pictures.  

I also plan to start adding team photos of the session winners to a photo album and can also add any other team photos.  However, it is the team's responsibility to get me a photo and I will take care of the rest.  Cell phone photos are fine.  

There is also a new RMSS Golf tab where I will be posting the results of our golf events.  Next golf outing is Tue Aug 1 at Piper Hills in Plainview.  Remember these are about having fun and all skill levels are welcome.  

I'm always open to suggestions and ideas about improving our RMSS web site.  Catch me at a game, post game parking lot, call or email with your thoughts. 

Mike Ewen

A few quick notes to all of you fine folks.  First of all.  Our Games next Wednesday (July 26th) are being played in Stewartville at the Bear Cave Park.   Managers please remind your players at Monday's games.  Same game times.  Teams that were to play on field 5 will be played  on field 1.  

Secondly.  Thank all who contributed to both the DAV and MS at our last picnic.  Both organizations are great causes, and I am glad you showed your generosity.   The board is in the process of selecting the group(s) that we will support at our last picnic on 9/27.

As all of you know, we do not have enough players to fill out our teams.  Plain and simple…we need more players.  Please spread the word and bring a friend or two with you to the games to give it a try.  We are discussing ways to recruit more players and manage the players we have now.  Hang in there folks.

We are seeking people to help manage our league.  We always have opportunities to get better as a group.  Your input, but more importantly, your commitment to helping is necessary to improve our league.  Please talk to your manager or a board member if you are interested in helping out in any role.

Finally, the best thing.  We have been asked to go to Soldier’s Field softball field on a Wednesday after our games.   A few people (led by Chuck Sibley) are putting together a story on the history of softball  at Soldier’s Field.  Everyone of us is invited down to play a part in this memory lane trip.  Some of you will be on the field playing.  Others will serve as fans, or umpires,  or teams warming up, whatever they ask.  The date is still not final yet, but we are planning on the 2nd of August.  So please plan on sticking around that day.  We will car pool down to Soldier’s Field.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  See you next week.

Thank you,  Bill VW


Session 1 ended on Wed, 5/24 with 3 teams having a chance to win or tie for 1st place.  C&M, Shorewood and Eagles all had a chance at least a share of 1st place.  C&M Screenprinting beat Shorewood to remain undefeated at 5-0-1 and win Session 1.  Our Session 1 picnic followed with hot dogs and non-alcoholic beverages provided by RMSS and an assortment of chips, side dishes and desserts provided by players.  $50 gift cards were presented to Bill Beaupre and Dick Gosse for selling an amazing number of calendars/RSA raffle tickets, to Ben Borgen for leading the beer server volunteers at the D&R pool tournament, to Jim Cook for leading the Pizza Ranch fund raiser and to Mike Ewen for his efforts in putting together the pictorial Player Directory.  The RSA raffle, pool tournament and Pizza Ranch fund raising efforts brought in over $2500 for RMSS.  Congratulations and thanks again to all who helped out and especially to those leaders recognized at the picnic. 

Gordie Haubenschild also presented a CPR/AED refresher.  Great information for use at the ball fields and also in our daily lifes.  Thanks, Gordie. 

No games on Monday 29.  Session 2 starts on Wed, June 1.  Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.


I added the Player Directory to the RMSS web site over the weekend.  The Directory is under the More tab. Check it out by clicking here.  I am still missing pictures for a few players, if you are one of those, please look for me at an upcoming game so I can get your picture added.  I think this will help us put names with faces and help with our Fellowship part of our RMSS motto - Fun Fitness and Fellowship.  

In other web site news, we have moved from a free web site to a paid starter package.  This will allow me to make some changes in the future which will improve our site.  One immediate benefit is we have our own domain name now.  You can find the RMSS site at or the old will still work.  

It would be great to have a backup web director.  If anyone has any interest in helping me out and learning a little about how to maintain our web site and help with group emails, please let me know.  

Mike Ewen
March 7, 2017

At the Salvation Army volunteer recognition dinner held at the end of January, Senior Dome players were recognized for our fund raising efforts.  Gordon Haubenschild and Bill Beaupre accepted 2 plaques on behalf of the Dome players.

On Wed, 12/21/16, we had our Holiday Dome Party.  We had some extra players for batting practice and the game.  Santa made a late appearance.  Our guests included representatives from Salvation Army, the Thrivent Action team, children, grand-children and significant others.  True to our motto we had Fun, Fitness and Fellowship!  We exceeded our goal of batting 1000 for the Salvation Army by raising $2016.  Thanks to all who contributed. 

Rochester Minnesota Senior Softball raises money for Salvation Army

Posted: Dec 21, 2016 5:05 PM CST

By Chris Yu, Reporter

It was more than just a friendly game of softball at Rochester Community and Technical College Wednesday morning.

Members of Rochester Minnesota Senior Softball held another "Go to Bat" fundraiser inside Rochester Regional Stadium and Bubble.

Dozens of players, along with the Thrivent Financial Action Team, took part in the game -- with all money raised going to the Salvation Army. And when it was all said and done, they collected $2016, which exceeded their goal

February 2, 2017


To All RMSS Members


I know it is the middle of winter.  But softball is year round.  Please read my note.  You may get something from it.


First of all…Happy New Year.  Our outdoor season starts Monday, May 1, 2017.  We have 41 games scheduled. The last game is 9/27/17.


We will start playing outside some time in April.  Weather permitting…every Monday, Wednesday & Friday.  9am – 12pm


Early Registration Dates.  $40.00 IF YOU SIGN UP EARLY

                                           $48.00   AFTER APRIL 19, 2017

                                       PRO-RATED DURING THE SEASON


                      EAGLES CLUB          WEDNESDAY   APRIL 12, 2017    12PM – 4PM

                      HISTORY CENTER    MONDAY          APRIL 17, 2017    10AM – 12PM

                      DAHLC                       TUESDAY         APRIL 18, 2017    530AM-10AM

                      EAGLES CLUB          WEDNESDAY   APRIL 19, 2017      1PM – 4PM

                     AMERICAN LEGION   WEDNESDAY   APRIL 19, 2017      6PM – 10PM


FIRST DRAFT          WEDNESDAY  APRIL 26, 2017   12:30PM - 1:30PM


Other stuff.  We will select the Officer Election Committee  Members on March 8.  Let a board member know if you are interested. 


We will also decide which charities we will support this year and name who is in charge of those fundraisers.


We are doing a league fundraiser at the March Dome Tourney.  Thursday & Friday 6am – 5pm   on March 16 & 17.  We will be selling food stuffs out of the concession stand.  Please contact me to sign up to help.


Another league fundraiser is Monday, March 27.  4pm – 10pm.   Pizza Ranch in Stewartville.  Contact Jim Cook if you would like to help busing tables for tips and a cut of sales.  Have your family and friends come out and eat.


And the last fundraiser is the pool tourney at the Fairgrounds.  We have not got a date yet.  We will need help serving people beverages.


Thanx for reading this.  Board Meetings every 2nd Wednesday of the month at the Eagles Club.  Shorly after the games or practices.


See you soon, Bill VW

Jan 1, 2017

Happy New Year to all RMSS softball players!  We hope you all have good health, bat 1000, run like the wind, make no errors and plenty of outstanding plays on defense in 2017.  Seriously, we want you all back on the field for our summer games starting in May.  Now is a good time to recruit players for next season.  Remember to tell all your friends how much fun you have playing senior softball and see if you can persuade someone to come out and play with us next season.  Sadly, we lose a few players each season and with 8 teams now we could use some additional players. 

Our new Board is effective today, I will be updating the web site soon with the changes.  Our first Board Meeting is Jan 11 at 11:30 am at the Eagles Club.  The agenda is posted on the web site. 

Reminder for Dome players.  Session 2 games started last Friday on 12/30.  We are playing this first week of January on Mon, Wed and Fri.  Come on out and work off some of those holiday pounds!
Sept 23, 2016

Despite the early negative forecast, the rain held off for the games and the majority of the picnic.  Thanks to all who helped out at the picnic including but not limited t
- Matt Halleck for the sound system, DJ work, coolers/ice picnic planning
- Jim Cook for picnic planning  and organizing
- Ben Borgen, Dave "Weindog" Anderson, Kerm Bitz for bringing grills and grilling burgers
- Mike Ewen for taking photos
- Sponsors for their monetary support and sharing in the picnic fun and fellowship
- Family members for their support and understanding throughout the season
- All who brought a dish/beverage to share
- All who donated to either or both of our 2016 charities (more on this coming)

Congratulations to the Eagles team for winning Session 4 by going an impressive 8-0.  Rumor has it this is the first undefeated, no tie, session in RMSS history.

Special congratulations to Lefty Schoenmann for his RMSS Lifetime Achievement Award.  Lefty you are an inspiration to all of us. 

Last game of the season

2016 End of Season Picnic

Now for more general stuff....

Thank all of you for coming out during the season to enjoy Senior Softball as it was meant to be.  I hope all of you made it out enough times to really enjoy what you have to offer each other.

When each of you has the opportunity, please thank a Board Member and Team Manager.  Also, thank each other.

The challenge of playing with 8 teams in 2016 was met head on by all of you. You showed up, played where and more than you may have wanted, and were tough enough to make it.  Great Job.   Thank you to John Bowron. & Tom Schreiber. for helping to manage the players and monitor our equipment.

If any of you have any suggestions as to how to improve our 2017 season...please share them.  Many came up with suggestions throughout this season that we used to help improve this last season.  Please keep it up.  It takes all of us to make our league great.

Remember, our RMSS Board Meetings continue all winter long.  Presently, we meet at the Eagles Club.  Second Wednesday of each month.  11:30am. The Agenda is posted on the Website about a week before the meeting. All are welcome to come and observe.  If you have items that you want to discuss...Just let me know before the meeting.

Hope to see you playing "Fall Ball".  We plan to play on Mon & Wed weather permitting starting on Wed, 9/28.  Batting practice starting at 9am, game to follow if we have enough players.

Thanks, Bill VW

And last but not least details on our charity work...

Congratulations on a great end of season celebration. Through the generosity of our RMSS teammates, $1380 was donated to Channel One and just over $600 to Pastor Colleen Hoeft's South Troy Wesleyan Church. Absolutely wonderful!

For Channel One.., It all started with Lois Douglas sharing her 1380 pounds of harvest with Channel One, add in the Thrivent action team, and RMSS board supporting the two organizations to receive the donations. With matching donations from Dave Zemke with his Thrivent Corporation and Gordon Haubenschild, the $1380 in donations ended up matching the 1380 pounds of produce.

Wow! Each dollar buys four meals. So the more produce that Lois harvested the more dollars were collected for Channel One. Thanks Lois!

Pastor Colleen was very grateful for RMSS's generosity too. For a small church, any and all money makes a huge difference!
Potato Dig Photos

Gordon Haubenschild
Sept 16, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen, The 2016 Summer Season is about to end.

We are having our season ending picnic this next Wednesday, September 21st.  We hope all of you and your guests will come.  Managers...please call your team sponsor and invite them.

Please bring a dish to pass for the picnic table. RMSS will be providing hot food, water and pop.  Please bring your favorite concoction to share with us.

Usually, at this picnic, we elect the officers for the next year.  However, due to the fact that no one has accepted or decided to fill some of these positions...our elections will be delayed. 

All of us have the opportunity to come out and play a game we love, meet and hang out with new people, and enjoy picnics and other events.  THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN AUTOMATICALLY.  Many people spend extra time and effort to make this happen.

WE NEED MORE PEOPLE TO HELP CONTINUE THE SUCCESS OF OUR LEAGUE.  Please visit with any board member to offer to help.  We need more people to get involved.

At the picnic on Wednesday...We will be asking for donations to one or both of the charities we have decided to support this year. One charity is the South Troy Church.  We have a player, Colleen Hoeft, who is the Pastor there.  The church is  trying to expand and improve some of their great programs and need donations to do so.

The other charity is Channel One.  We did great with this last year and hope to do so again.  We have already harvested and donated over 1300 pounds of produce from Lois Douglas's farm.  We are hoping to Bat 1000 in dollars.  Gordon Haubenschild will match a portion of our Channel One donations.

When donating, please designate which Charity you want your donation to go to.  Make checks out to either...South Troy Church, Channel One, or RMSS if you want to split your donation.

The Thrivent action team is also helping support our picnic and charities.

Fall Ball.  We unofficially start to play Fall Softball the week after our season ends., Same times and place, weather permitting.  This time is spent with hitting practice, fielding practice, and usually a scrimmage.  All of our equipment is available except the 1.21 bats.  

Again, to make this happen...we need someone to offer to come out and unlock the equipment, set it up, and put it ALL away.  Please see me.

Speaking of equipment.  We are all responsible for the league equipment we have purchased.  Masks, bats, screens, scoreboards, etc.  Please help keep track of these items.  Also, each of you must turn in your jersey to your manager at the end of a session.  We expect it not to be damaged or you may have to pay for lost or damaged jerseys.

Presently, we hold our RMSS board meetings on the second Wednesday of the month. The meetings take place at about 11:30am at the Eagles Club.  All are welcome to come observe.   If you have something you want to discuss...just let me know before we start the meeting.

I know that I went over a lot of stuff.  I hope you understand and we will see you next week.

Thanx, Bill VW
Sept 5, 2016

New pics from Session 3 by Peg Selnes available here.  The Sept 14 Board Meeting agenda has been posted.  We are still in need of a Treasurer and Secretary on the RMSS Executive Board.  Contact Bill Von Wald. 

Please respond to Mike Ewen if you are a planning to play in the RMSS Golf Event on Sept 26.  Yes and maybes only, this will help in planning for the activities.  It is still undetermined which course we will play, either Piper Hills in Plainview or Zumbro Falls. 

Bill Beaupre provided this nice article from  a local small town paper about Jim Freeman.  Jim went 17-1-1 as a starting pitcher before leaving for Florida
Aug 30, 2016

In Sept we are switching both days and courses for the 1st 2 golf events.  We will be playing at Zumbro Falls Golf Club on Thursdays.  The address is 60146 US-63.  As you head north on Hwy 63 it is on your right just before Zumbro Falls.  The informal outings will be on Sept 1 and 15.  Our big formal RMSS Golf  Event is scheduled for Mon, Sept 26.  Start time for all are 9:30, try to arrive by 9:00 to get situated.  Remember these events are for fun, all skill levels are welcome! 

Let me know if you have preference between Piper Hills and Zumbro Falls for the Sept 26 Event.  At this time I am leaning towards Piper Hills, they have treated us really well this year.

Mike Ewen
RMSS Web and Golf Director
Aug 25, 2016

RMSS Potato Dig for Channel One

" Going to Bat for Channel One."

Another successful potato dig at Lois Douglas farm.! Many thanks to the RMSS softball players that volunteered their time and their muscles and their laughter to make it happen. We are estimating 900 to 1000 pounds total harvest again this year!  After unloading at Channel One I found the actual total was 1380 pounds of garden fresh potatoes, pumpkins, squash!!!

Thanks to Thrivent Financial Action Team support!

Next step is to also harvest $1000 in donations at our Sept 21 picnic.  Remember $1 buys 4 meals. 

Hope with Purpose to Grow and Give,

Gordon Haubenschild

Aug 12, 2016

The Session 4 rosters are posted on the RMSS web site here.  I have added a new option to allow printing or downloading of both the rosters and the schedules from the web site.  You can print the proper PDF file directly from the web site or download it to your PC and print offline.  Let me know if you have any questions.

I have also attached the rosters as a PDF file.  If you print the attached file it defaulted to portrait for me.  The rosters will print best if you specify landscape rather than portrait. This is specified in the printer settings.  If you print from the web site it defaulted to landscape for me so no need to change anything. 

RMSS Golf reminders - Next Tue Aug 16 Piper Hills in Plainview, ready to play by 9:30am.  Sept will switch to Thu and be on the 1st and 16th.  Our Big Event will be on Mon Sept 26.  Details on the Sept outings to follow.

Mike Ewen
July 31, 2016

The August RMSS Board Meeting will be on Wed, 8/10 at the Eagles Club following the Wed games.  The agenda is on the web site here . The Session 4 draft will also be held on Wed with results posted later this week.  Please let your manager know of any changes in your availability for Session 4. 

We need some new Board members for next year and possibly some new managers.  Please contact Bill Von Wald if you are interested in helping RMSS in these roles. 

Session 3 ends on Wed, 8/17 with an ice cream social to follow the games.

A correction on the date for the big RMSS golf event.  It will be on Mon, Sept 26 not on Sept 28.  We will hold the 28th for a possible make up date due to weather. Our next golf outing is Aug 16 at Piper Hills in Plainview.  We may try switching to Thursdays in Sept, probably the 1st and 15th.  These events are pretty low key, the format is a team best shot so you don't have to play your own ball the whole way.  Cost is only $12 for 9 holes and a cart. Come on out and swing the clubs with us!

Mike Ewen 
July 28, 2016

Reminder, the games next week on Wed, Aug 3, will be in Stewartville at Bear Cave Park.  Going south to Stewartville on Hwy 63…Turn right just after the Legion and Bowling alley.  You will be heading west, just under 1 mile out on your left are the fields. Same start times, 8:30 practice, 9:30 game start.  We could use help loading the equipment on Monday after the games at McQuillan and after the Wednesday games in Stewartville. 

A few web site reminders.  I typically update the standings once a week, usually on Thu or Fri after the Wed games.  We are now posting the Board Meeting Agendas on the web site on their own page under the More tab.  We plan to have them available at least week before the Board Meeting for the month.  Board Meetings are now on 2nd Wednesday of the month.  I have also been posting most of these general RMSS emails on the web site under the Events/News tab.  Feel free to contact me with any web site questions or concerns.

Upcoming RMSS golf outings - Aug 2 and Aug 16 at Piper Hills in Plainview.  We may try switching to Thursdays in Sept, probably the 1st and 15th.  Our big golf event will be scheduled for Sept 28 the Wednesday after the end of softball season.  These events are pretty low key, the format is a team best shot so you don't have to play your own ball the whole way.  Come on out and swing the clubs with us!

Mike Ewen

July 16, 2016


To: All RMSS Members


From: Bill VonWald, League Coordinator


I hope you understand that I do not write these letters for nothing.  Important News…


August 3, 2016   Wednesday Games are at Bear Cave Park Just west of Stewartville.

Going south to Stewartville on Hwy 63…Turn right just after the Legion and Bowling alley.  You will be heading west, about 3 miles out on your left are the fields.

Same times…8:30am Batting Practice and Warm ups.  9:30am  Games played.


Next thing.  Rule clarification.  If you are a base runner, you may back up to avoid a tag.  There were some saying that if you back up, you give up, thus are out.  NOT THE CASE. You may move back, move forward, stand still, anything until you are tagged or forced out at the next base.  I hope I made that clear.


Next thing.  We need new people to step up and fill roles on the board.  We need more of you to get involved helping the league operate.  At this time…we need 2 new board members, but more will be needed soon.  Please see myself or your team manager.


Next.  The board agreed to send out the agenda for the meetings.  This was to have happened already, but we had an oversight. Sorry.  The past few agendas are now  posted with the meeting place and time on our web site.  See the new Board Meeting Agendas page replacing the Tournament page. 


Next.  You may have seen that pictures are being taken.  If you do not want you picture on our web site…just say so. 


The next board meeting is 8/10/16 at the Eagles Club.  Agenda will be out beforehand.  After the meeting, we will have the draft for the 4th session.


Next picnic…8/17/16.


That is all for now.  Thanx for taking the time to read this.  Remember 8/3 in Stewartville.


Thanx, Bill VW


RMSS golf update:  Duane Petersen, Matt Halleck and Gary Oldenburg won the June 22 outing and Mike Ewen, Bill Von Wald and Barry Oakland won the July 12 outing.  Next outing at Piper Hills (Plainview) on July 26.  Arrive about 9am for a 9:30 tee off. 


Mike Ewen
Rochesterfest Parade update from Jim Cook:

RMSS in the Rochesterfest June 24, 2016, Parade

A Success! It is AMAZING what teamwork can accomplish! FUN, FITNESS, AND FELLOWSHIP!!

As unit #118 or #116 (whichever float handout you were using) we did not actually start along the parade route until about 7:40 PM, finishing the route at approximately 8:20 PM!! Thanks to our parade participants for their PATIENCE!

Along the route us walkers “worked the crowd,” handing out goodies and stopping to talk with a few folks along the route. Some of us played catch with a white wiffle softball. Lois Douglas rode the float in the “queen’s position” and waved to the crowd just like a queen should! She also waved a bat from time to time.

Deb Warnke who was out of town for the parade, got us going for the parade by connecting us with J&J Floats (Jane) in Kasson. Tom Schreiber got us the initial float reservation. Matt Halleck got us the outstanding RMSS “Softball is a Passion” coolies we judiciously handed out during the parade. Bruce Borgschatz was our “MVP player”  – handling all float pickup at J&J’s in Kasson, parade towing, and return to J&J Floats duties.

In Saturday’s Post-Bulletin, page A3, if you look real close in the top picture (scouts pulling a horizontal American flag) – at the rightmost “Do Not Enter” sign, you can see Jim Renn at the back of Bruce’s truck ( with the back window in the up position).

Below is some more information on getting the float ready for the parade and making our parade “walk” a success.

Float Setup and Take Down folks (at Bill Miller’s house – THANK YOU Bill!!!)

Lots of “creativity and cooperation” in use of “tools,”  placing league shirts, 3 banners (2 RMSS, 1 “Senior Softball is a Passion”), Bill Miller’s trophy, etc. on the float.

Bruce Borgschatz, Jim Cook, Bill Miller, Bill VonWald, Ben Borgen, Jim Renn

[After the parade – 3 guys with 3 flashlights put the float back into its “as picked up” condition. The float was returned Saturday morning.]

Parade Participants

Champion Float Puller: Bruce Borgschatz (Shorewood)

Parade Walkers and Float Riders

Blacks: Bill Beaupre, Ben Borgen (RMSS shirt), Jim Renn

1st Chiropractic: Duane Petersen, Bob Hewitt

C&M: Dave Warnke, Lois Douglas. Lois did a FANTASTIC job waving her hand and a bat at the crowd as we traveled the parade route!

Eagles: Glenn Barry, Mike Ewen

Edward Jones: Jim Favre, Jim Roth

Prime Time: Barry Oakland, Rocky O’Dell [Should have listened to Rocky on picking up additional goodies to hand out!]

Shorewood: Jim Cook, Randy Kahl

Thrivent: Prime Time’s Tom Kowalesky in a Thrivent shirt

Bruce Borgschatz’s granddaughter Kaitlyn Borgschatz, , Bill Gosse’s grandson Maverick Beauperlant, Duane Petersen’s son, Justin rode in the float – just to keep us old folks “loose” during the parade!

All parade walkers worked the crowd handing out “goodies,” stopping and talking to some parade watchers, and waving at the crowd.

We finished about 8:30 PM and 2 of us headed over to Bill Millers to “put the float back together”  –  in the dark, ready to be towed back to Kasson Saturday morning.

6/16/16 News:

o Another golf outing is planned for Tuesday 6/21 starting at 9:30 AM at the Piper Hills Course in Plainview. This will be our third event of the year with more planned about biweekly. Arrive by 9:00 AM to practice and be drafted by a team leader. We have had 10 and 9 at the last two events. Nine holes and then lunch in Elgin.  Winners of the 2nd event were the team of Duane Petersen, Tom Kowalewski and Ben Borgen with score of 35(-1) in a best shot format.  July golf outings are planned for 7/12 and 7/26.  More details will follow.

o RMSS will participate in the 6/24 RochesterFest Parade with a float, 25 walkers handing out candy and other items w/o throwing them, several players on the float, etc. Bruce Borgschatz will pull the float with his new Ford pickup - Thanks! We will be decorating the float starting about 1:30 PM at Bill Miller's house. Sign up to walk or ride via Jim Cook. Participants will arrive at Soldiers Field at 5:15 PM to get organized.

o Plan to attend our 7/6/2016 RMSS picnic as we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of RMSS along with all former and current sponsors, former and current players, et al. FUN will be had by all!

o Here's a great article on Jackson Douglas (Lois' grandson) who will be pitching for the Rochester Honkers tomorrow (Friday) starting at 7:05 PM at Mayo Field. Many of us have gotten to know Jackson over his awesome baseball career and practicing in the RCTC Dome this past Winter with his friend Ryan Goll (200' long toss with two super arms). This will be a great opportunity to see Jackson's skills and sit with the Douglas family to cheer on the Honkers!

Ben Borgen

6/2/16 Update:

To all of the Great RMSS Members: 

First of all...Thanks to all of you, our first session was completed and the second has begun.  Going with 8 teams and another field of play this year was a little scary trying to pull off.  But because of you players, our Team Managers, and our Field Coordinators, (John Bowron & Tom Schrieber) we moved players where they were needed to have complete teams to play.
Thanks to all of you.

It was brought up that the RMSS Board Meetings were kind of a mystery to some of you.  So in an effort to get more of you informed and involved...

We will be publishing our monthly meeting agendas on the RMSS web site.

If you see the upcoming agenda, and would like to discuss something not on it...please bring your subject matter to myself or another board member.  I will make sure that your concern or idea is brought up at the meeting.  You may even be able to be at the meeting to discuss the subject.

Speaking of being heard...we need more of you to get involved with the running of our league.  All of you have valuable insights and information that could help our group become better.  You could become an assistant to a team manager or assist a current officer to find out a little about it.

We presently have board members who have contributed, and want to move on to different roles with the league.  Dave Warnke has been our election coordinator. (His last year of doing so if he has his way.)  If you are interested in any way of helping Dave, Myself, or any other person who has been around a while.  They can refer you to who to talk to.

Our August 3rd games will be held at Bear Cave Park, just west of Stewartville.  This is due to McQuillan being booked.  The field that you play on will be determined that day...but they are all right there. We can arrange car pools Monday before.  Equipment will be transported to the site as well.(we may need help with this.)

Well, I hope I gave you enough for now.  If you ever have anything that you want to discuss, please call me.  507-273-0154

Thanks, Bill VW

We had our first RMSS golf outing on Tue 5/31 at Piper Hills in Plainview.  10 players made it and we had 3 teams playing a best shot.  Winning score was a -1 by Gary Oldenburg, Jim Roth and Mike Ewen.  Thanks to Don Benike for hosting the post round lunch at his farm. 

Our next golf outing will again be at Piper Hills in Plainview on Tue 6/7.  No need to sign up just arrive early to be ready to play at 9:30.  Cost is only $12.00 for a cart and 9 holes of golf.  We are planning to play every 2 or 3 weeks throughout the season so if you can't play this time maybe sometime down the road.  If you have any golf suggestions let me know. 

Mike Ewen
5/25/16 update:

Session 1 ended today on a rainy note.  3 of the 4 games were not played due to the rain and poor field conditions.  The game on Field 2 was completed with a short rain/lightning delayDespite the early rain, the Session 1 picnic was a success.  Congratulations to Session 1 winners Shorewood with a 6-0-1 record.  Go here for full standings.  Session 2 starts next Wed on June 1.  Check out the Session 2 rosters

The highlight of the day:
Congratulations to Ben Borgen.  Today he received the RMSS Lifetime Achievement Award for his many contribution to the success of our senior softball organization, some of which are listed below:
1) Board member for many years
2) Media Director for several years
3) Picnic coordinator for many years
4) Pool tournament coordinator for beertending - raises about $500-$600 for RMSS
5) Responsible for hundreds of free Twins tickets
6) Volunteer for every RMSS event that comes along
7) Represents RMSS at funerals for our loved ones
8) Writes the RMSS newsletter that you all like
9) Best friend and party guy that anyone could wish for
10) and much more .....

Congratulations, Ben and Thank you for all that you do.

Our first RMSS golf outing will be next Tuesday, May 31, at Piper Hills golf course in Plainview.  We'll try to get started about 9:30am.  Format will be a team best shot with various prizes.  No need to sign up, just show up if you want to play. 

5/19/16 update:

We need people who are interested in becoming managers for future sessions, this season and next year and also board members for next season.  Please contact Bill Von Wald for details.

Personal bats – Contact Dick Gosse 507-282-1693 for Dudleys or Ben Borgen 507-288-4768 for Mikans.  Both Dick and Ben can save you significant money over retail prices. 

Parade info from Media Coordinator Jim Cook

RMSS participation in the Rochesterfest Parade on June 24th.


RMSS has been “accepted” into the parade. We have been given some rules already - more details are supposed to come after June 1st.


For now, we – RMSSer, need to do some planning and get some parade participant commitments for approximately 25-30 RMSSers to participate in the parade (starts at 6:15 PM, need to be “in sequential position” by 5: 15 PM).


Some ”rules” already known are:

  1. Only 25 “walkers” (around the float) are allowed. Some other number of participants can be on the float.
  2. No throwing of “stuff” (eg super soft balls with RMSS stamped on them, pieces of candy, etc.)l We can hand things out.
  3. Parade route: Starts at 6th St SW, approximately in front of the Soldiers’ Field memorial. Heads west to 7th Ave SW (corner of Edison School (District Administration building. At the Edison building, turn south several blocks, then diagonally northeast back to approximately where the parade started. Looks to be less than 3 miles.


Please read the following and, if you can participate in the roles listed below, please let one of the following “Parade Committee” members know ASAP (Ben Borgen, Jim Cook, Tom Schreiber, Rocky O’Dell). Also this email offers a proposed “float environment” while moving along the parade route. Feel free to make additional suggestions that you could carry out!!


1. Thanks to Deb Warnke and Tom Schreiber, we have a float reserved from Kasson’s J&J FLOATS – Kreidemacher. We need person[s]/vehicle[s] to  drive out to get the float, hitch it up, get back to our Rochester parade “slot”, pull the float and then bring the float back to Kasson, no later than noon on June 25th.


2. The RMSSers responsible for “decorating the float” need to be available approximately 1:30 PM on June 24th. As of today the float appears to be already “basically decorated’” with colored papers. I SUGGEST the following to add our own RMSS touches  – obviously indicating senior softball players


a. Put one of our pitching screens on the float. Have an RMSSer wearing at least his/her then team jersey, “pitching” a ball (?? Nerf ball, wiffle ball, ??) over the net. A second RMSSer catching the ball on the other side of the screen. One RMSSer posing as a non-swinging batter.

Determine if one of the float “players” is leaning on a crutch or wearing knee braces!


b. Try to come up with some way to indicate to those watching the parade, that we do perform some community service activities.  Our parade committee members will come up with a “short script” that RMSS participants can “recite” to any “media folks” that may interview us along the route. The script would include words on “fun, fellowship, service activities/organization we have already worked with.


[As part of the parade application form, we did include a “set of words” to be announced as our group passes some “parade announcers stand.” Jim Cook will bring a copy to our parade committee members next week to see if we can do some further “netting out.”


c. Assume we have 3 RMMSS banners. Ben Borgen to provided details on our two banners with our “current RMSS logo.” Bill Miller to have our older “Softball is a Passion” banner. TO be decided which banners are “on the float” and which are carried by RMSSers walking alongside the parade route -  front/back and sides of the floats/float tow vehicle.


3. Identify (get commitment from) the approximately 25-30 RMSSers, wearing their team jerseys and either standing on the float or walking. The walkers would be handing out (no throwing) “RMSS logoed soft balls and ?? candy.” Matt Halleck is currently in charge of ordering, obtaining our balls and candy to parade walkers.


4. Determine whether we want, and in consideration of the already float/tow vehicle length, want   additional “vintage vehicles” in our group.


Agenda for the upcoming June 1, 2016 Board Meeting:


                                                    BOARD MEETING AGENDA


                                                  WEDNESDAY   JUNE 01, 2016


                                                     11:30 AM   EAGLES CLUB










WEB SITE REPORT        Mike E.





               Park & Rec. Discuss last game date.

                7/6 Picnic

                Upcoming Elections


MEDIA PLAN      Matt H. & Jim C.


              July 6th 10th Anniversary Picnic




     1.  Face Mask Check out system update

     2.  Player Management Committee report

     3.  August 3rd playing fields




     1.   Publication of Meeting Agenda

     2.   Publication of Meeting Minutes

     3.   Charity Activities



         A.  Cards

         B.  Medical updates



5/11/16 News:

o RMSS has two very major events coming up in 2016:

1) RMSS has been approved for participation in the Friday, June 24 Rochesterfest Parade! The parade will start at 6:15 PM from the Soldiers Field Park in SW Rochester. Our participants are requested to be at the Park by 5:15 PM to get organized. RMSS will be limited to 25 'walkers'. Candy is not to be thrown from floats, cars, et al but handed to children for safety purposes. We have a committee in place for the parade and will be meeting today for more discussion and detailed planning. Our current ideas include a few muscle cars, sponsors walking with us or being acknowledged, RMSS walkers in softball uniforms, banners, ATV pulling a cart with goodies, small safe balls to be provided to the children (some with the RMSS logo), music by Matt Halleck, etc. BUT we are looking forward to your ideas also. Please send ideas to Jim Cook, Matt Halleck or Ben Borgen. THANKS! We'll keep you posted on our ideas and status. Muscle car owners - we need 3-4 volunteers to drive your cars in the parade which has a short route around the Soldiers Field area. Cubbie, Bob Prinsen, Larry Sallee and Don Benike are folks we'd like to hear from. If you have an applicable car that we don't know about, please respond to me iif you're interested in driving in the parade. We'll make this FUN and MEMORABLE for the city of Rochester!!!

2) We are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of RMSS this year since we were officially formed. Many activities are planned throughout the 2016 season and you will be made aware of the plans. C&M Screening is working on a new 10th Anniversary Logo for RMSS. We plan to have new 10th Ann jackets available as well as patches to apply to your current jackets. CONGRATS to the founders of RMSS!

o The 13 D&R Pool Tournament workers from 4/21-4/23 for RMSS presented RMSS with a check for $864 for our tips! A totally dedicated group of workers in a team effort with great results and new records! You will all share in this addition to our RMSS funding.

o I will be receiving more Twins tickets soon and will provide you the opportunity for free tickets assuming folks still want to attend the games....

Take care!

Ben Borgen
Updates from the D&R Pool Tournament 4/21-4/23

Sat, 4/23:

WOW - we had an awesome day at the D&R Pool Tournament yesterday. Our workers included Bill Miller, Bruce Gibson, Mike Ewen, Rocky O'Dell, Gary Thomas, Gary Oldenburg, and Ben Borgen.

First record - we took in $418 in tips on Saturday compared to $193 on Saturday in 2015!

Second record - our tips reached $863 from Thursday - Saturday of this year compared to the old record of $650 in 2015!!!! FANTASTIC! I will be depositing this money and then writing a check to RMSS at our May 4th RMSS Board Meeting. The money will go into our general fund and can be used for picnics, charities, celebrations, etc.

Thanks to our dedicated and perseverant RMSS workers who worked exceptionally hard all three days but especially yesterday - very minimal breaks! What a team!

Fri - 4/22
Well - Fridays are notoriously slow at the pool tournaments and yesterday was no exception. Our workers took in $55 in tips to raise our total to $445 for two days with Saturday to go. Saturday morning's workers don't need to show up until 8:30 AM for a 9:00 AM bar opening.

The tournament is structured to start all singles matches on Thursdays implying that 100's and 100's of players are participating. Fridays are the quarter finals, semis, and finals of singles playing so the crowd is greatly reduced until the teams start playing Friday night (after we've worked our 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM shift). Today will be a continuation of team play so we should be quite busy and our record of $650 from last year might be attainable with some good fortune and generous players. In 2015 we took in $142 on Friday and in 2014 $53.00. In 2015 our Saturday tips totaled $193.00.

Thu - 4/21
Thanks to our RMSS workers today (Bill Beaupre, Kerm Bitz, Mike Ewen, Ken Granle, Matt Halleck, Bill Miller, Tom Kowalewski, Gary Oldenburg, Gary Thomas, Bill Von Wald and Ben Borgen), we broke our own World Record with a first day D&R Pool Tournament take of $390!! We easily demolished our previous record of $310 in 2015 and $287 in 2014. We primarily completed beertending but also helped out with bar tending as we have done in the past. West Bar #1 took in $170, East Bar #2 $146, and North Bar #3 $74. We will be working on Friday and Saturday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM as we attempt to break the 3 day record of $650. You can stop by Graham Arena to see your RMSS team in action and some excellent pool playing.

Ben Borgen

4/16/16 News:

o With great sadness, I report the death of Edward Diderrich (Irv's son) at age 64 of natural causes. Ed's funeral will be held on Weds - 4/20 at 11:00 AM in Kasson at the Holy Family Catholic Church with the final review at 10:00 AM. RMSS will be represented in tribute to Irv and his family. I just talked to Irv and he reports that Ed suffered an accident 3-4 years ago that resulted in brain damage which caused Ed's health to deteriorate until his passing on April 13. Irv is not aware of any organization that Ed would want memorials sent to so RMSS will decide the appropriate memorial and recipient. Irv also indicated that he's slower than ever but just might come out the try to play RMSS ball at age 86 (87 on 7/16/16).

o The updated status of our initial 110 Twins tickets is enclosed. We have 10 tickets remaining - 4 on 5/23, 4 on 9/3, and one each on 8/9 and 9/23. Please respond quickly if you want these tickets. The folks who already have tickets on 8/9 and 9/23 can request one more on  the normal first come, first served basis. I have the 10 tickets for 4/29 in hand (4 for Gord Haubenschild, 4 for Bill Miller, and 2 for Dan Ramthun). I hope to see Gord and Bill on Monday - 4/18 at the RCTC Dome (last day) and will mail Dan's tickets. I just received 10 tickets for the Tues - 4/19 game at 12:10 PM against the Brewers. Send me your requests for these tickets ASAP. Dean Ascheman will meet these ticket owners at the House of Coates at 10:00 AM or so on Tues to get you to the game on time. I also can get 100 tickets or so for the three Cleveland games on 4/25-27. Interested?

o RMSS volunteers will be bartending/beertending at the D&R Pool Tournament next week from Thurs - 4/21-4/23. These fine people have volunteered to date - Bill Beaupre, Kerm Bitz, Ben Borgen, Bruce Borgschatz, Cubbie, Mike Ewen, Bruce Gibson, Bill Miller, Gary Oldenburg, and Dave/Deb Warnke (depending on our schedule). I stopped at the Wicked Moose yesterday to see if they had posted the work schedule but no luck. I will stop again on Monday to secure the schedule and send it to the volunteers so we can determine who works and when. Last year we made $650 in tips which were donated to the general RMSS fund.

o Monday - 4/18 is the last day in the Dome and we plan to start outdoor practices at McQuillan on Weds - 4/20 weather pending. We will have eight teams and play on 4 fields (2,3,4, and 5). Our first game is on 5/2 with the Session 1 draft to take place on 4/27. We're approaching 100 signed up players with one more formal recruiting day at the Eagles on Weds - 4/20 from Noon - 4:00 PM. Sign up cost is now $48 for 39 games, four picnics, numerous celebrations, and just plain FUN!!

Enjoy your weekend and we hope to see you next week!

Ben Borgen  

The cost to play the 2016 season will be $48.00 ($40.00 if paid before or on April 6, 2016).  You can "sign up" for playing both Monday and Wednesday or only one of these days. 2016 early bird sign up sessions will be:

  • 3/16 Wed 8:15-10:30am at the RCTC Dome
  • 3/30 Wed Noon-3pm at the DAHLC (Don Abrams Healthy Living Center)
  • 4/6 Wed Noon-4pm at the Historical Society

The last pre-season sign ups will be at the regular $48.00 rate:
  • 4/8, Fri Noon-4pm at the Eagles
  • 4/20, Wed Noon-4pm at the Eagles

Go to the Registration and Waiver page for full details and to print out a registration form.
The RESULTS are in and here are the highlights of the 12/23/15  'Go to Bat for the Salvation Army':

* We had 36 ball players, Dave Ferber representing the Salvation Army, six representatives from our wonderful Thrivent Financial sponsor (Colin, Diane, Eric, Marlene, Tim and our own Dave Zemke), and James Rabe from radio station 105.3 in Stewartville. We were also blessed to have approximately 12 grandchildren of our players and they kept us busy with their tremendous energy and excitement for Christmas.

* Delicious food (beef, ham, and turkey sandwiches), chips, pickles, candy, desserts, cookies, lemonade, water, coffee from St James, ect was served by our Thrivent friends and enjoyed by all.

* We had batting practice from 8-9:00 AM with most of the Thrivent folks taking swings and hitting the balls very effectively (future members of RMSS??). Then a game was played from 9-10:30 AM while the children romped beyond the fences and enjoyed all kinds of games with the tennis balls, bats, soccer balls, football, bean bag game, etc. The smiles on their faces were very contagious! Lots of talented young athletes!

* Many players (Jay Adams, Mike Ewen, Gord Haubenschild and maybe more) were taking pictures in addition to Andy Link from the Post Bulletin. THANKS, Andy, for posting three casual and fun pictures in the Christmas Day PB!!!  Under the More tab see Photo Albums for some pictures.  The following link is to the Post Bulletin pictures including one that did not make the paper.

* And now the very important financials for the Salvation Army - We presented Dave Ferber with $2,892 at the end of the day. Through your awesome generosity, our players donated $1284 to the very critical cause. We also realized $162 from the silent auction for the Salvation Army via items donated by several of our players. So our donations totaled $1446 and this amount was doubled by the Salvation Army sponsors to arrive at the $2,892 final total. THANK you so very much! You should be proud of your contributions and ongoing support for various charities.....

* Thanks also to Jan Haubenschild for all of her efforts and results in the overall organization of the day's events and to Matt Halleck for his Christmas music via his DJ system!

All in all, a great day truly enjoyed! Super concept derived by Gord Haubenschild and implemented with the help of many people!

Go here to see a KIMT TV news clip on senior dome softball featuring our own Ben Borgen

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